The café, 920 sq. ft., offers the kitchen users the opportunity to test their products in the real world.  The café may be operated as a breakfast bar, a luncheonette or evening diner.  A user can rent the café for demonstrations, parties or meetings.   The common wall between the café and the kitchen can be opened to allow for cooking demonstrations or classes.

The café will be kept open as a coffee/snack bar by management if not being used by a user.  The café will feature users products or would offer a very limited menu.  The SEED Café is designed to seat 40 patrons, ten tables of four each.  Seating could be increased if needed for demonstrations or meetings.

The café would be reserved by management to conduct monthly seminars and workshops.  It would also be used to attract luncheons for civic organizations such as Rotary and Lions Club.  Monthly venture capital meetings would be scheduled inviting representatives from the food industry and business community to sample and meet local food entrepreneurs.

Although the café is not intended to be a full service restaurant, that is a possibility if it were determined to be feasible and would not interfere with the initial goal and intent of the facility.

If you are interested in renting or using The SEED Café, please contact us for more detailed information.  Click here to request information or to have us contact you.