SEED is a program that will aid users in developing business plans, marketing strategies, distribution, and other facets of running a food service business.  Creating a network of other food service providers and entrepreneurs is the goal of SEED. 

There are two desk spaces that available to the users at no additional cost.  Each desk space will have a desk and chair, a computer, desk jet printer, telephone, calculator, and standard desk accessories.  Each computer will be connected to a shared color laser jet printer.  There is a shared copier and scanner.  Each user is responsible for their own paper supplies for the printers, copier and scanner.

Software provided on the computers includes Microsoft Office Professional, Quick Books Pro, Adobe Acrobat, Paint Shop Pro, Internet Explorer/Netscape/Mozilla, AOL, Outlook/Outlook Express, E-Fax, Mastercook, and other office and food service related software.  Instructions and/or assistance would be provided to users by staff.

Cable or DSL Internet access will be provided.  A general website will be established and users could set up websites within this site or establish their own.  Email addresses can be set up for users also.

Vonage telephone service will be provided and each user can purchase telephone numbers through Vonage.

A library of cookbooks, food magazines, and food industry publications is available.  There is also literature on starting and operating businesses and business strategy.

If you are interested in using the SEED incubator, please contact us for more detailed information.  Click here to request information or to have us contact you.