The kitchen is designed to allow food entrepreneurs use of an inspected kitchen without having to bear the expense of setting up their own kitchen.  The kitchen will be an incubator for new food entrepreneurs just starting their business or be used by established companies that do not need a kitchen full time.

The mission of  The SEED Garden, Kitchen & Café is to overcome financial constraints and limited access to business know-how and support services to anyone starting up or expanding a food related business.  The SEED Garden, Kitchen & Café assists new businesses to start up and expand in the food industry, helping businesses grow, and establishing  networks of businesses and industry professionals.

The kitchen, the heart of the operation will have 4 to 6 prep stations.  Each prep station area will be approximately 176 sq. ft.  The actual tabletop working space on each station would be approximately 12-sq. ft.  Each station will have its own sink with running water, garbage disposal, and trash receptacle at one end and a computer terminal and monitor at the other.  Each station is designed to give the user the use of a complete kitchen.  Each station will have storage space that can be used to hold supplies and ingredients that would be within easy reach of the user.  Each station will also be equipped with appropriate appliances: mixer, blender, can opener, processor, etc.  Utensils and vessels are also available for each station.  The prep stations are designed to allow 4 persons to work at the station at a time.  This would accommodate users that have assistants working with them.

There is one cooking station for every two prep stations.  Each cooking station would include ovens, ranges, deep fryer, grill, and microwave ovens.  Commercial steam jackets and water baths may be included if sufficient potential users request a need.

There will be a commercial size mixer, dough roller, and proofing cabinets.  Reach-in coolers and freezers are located in the kitchen for short-term use by users.  An ice machine and various beverage machines will also be in the kitchen. And in an adjoining room there will be the commercial dish washing machine.  Any other kitchen equipment will be added as needed and warranted.

Space is planned so that the prep stations and cooking areas are far enough apart to allow multi users in the kitchen at the same time without interfering with one another.  For added protection, each prep station may be sectioned off as separate cubicles by half walls to retard cross contamination.  A baking station and a candy making station will be completely enclosed to prevent cross contamination and odors effecting finished products.

Users can rent the inspected kitchen and its resources for the time actually needed.  Each block of time will be four (4) hours and will be scheduled twenty-four hours (24 hours) per day, seven days (7 days) per week. Users may include caterers, bakers, candy makers, dieticians, cake decorators, cooking instructors, cookie bakers, party planners, nutritionists, personal chefs, health food producers, baby food producers, specialty food producers, and anyone involved in any other food related businesses.  Seasonal users are welcome.  

If you are interested in renting or using The SEED Garden, Kitchen, please contact us for more detailed information.  Click here   to request information or to have us contact you.